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Back in 2005, The Loose Acoustic Trio surprised us with a new and fresh sound in the world of Cajun, folk, jug & blues music. Their "Brand New Mind" album was so inspiring that we genuinely asked ourselves if the follow up would sprout the same qualities. Well be relieved! "Sorrow Be Gone" preaches again the message we already heard on "Brand New Mind". Richie Lawrence, Ken Cooper, and Steve O' Neill are still capable of creating the tunes and sounds that make us love these guys. “Rise and Shine” is the ideal catchphrase to start the day, but tunes like "For a While", "Gone Too Long", "Love Me Love You" (Joe Craven on fiddle & Washboard Chaz Leary), "Pinball Wizard" (Peter Townsend!) and "Johnny Appleseed" (Paul Lacques on Jews harp) make my day.

"Soup on a Bun", again with Joe Craven on fiddle, and title track "Sorrow Be Gone" are lecturing the same friendly, tasteful sermon as the ones before, but who cares, it just can’t be better! Put this album on your Ipod, find your raincoat and go hiking for the day! No need for vitamins and extra nutritional values as long as you have these tunes on. The world is bright and sunny! "…Music fills the air, let the sunshine in!" ("Me & You", Rita Hosking, vocals). Buy this album & spread the news, The Loose Acoustic Trio is back with fifteen terrific songs. The band passes with grade A and brings with “Sorrow Be Gone” the ideal soundtrack for a better world!