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Sorrow Be Gone (Big Book Records 2008)

1. Rise And Shine
2. Love Me Love You
3. Pinball Wizard
4. Johnny Appleseed
5. Soup On A Bun
6. Sorrow Be Gone
7. You Are The One
8. Leaving You
9. New Seeds
10. Me And You
11. For A While
12. One Man Band
13. Gone Too Long
14. We All Need More Kindness
15. Flying
Here’s a second heaping helping of “good time music” from the Loose Acoustic Trio. The new CD is titled Sorrow Be Gone and it features more of the offbeat goodness that made their debut CD, Brand New Mind, a favorite of avid music listeners around the globe. Some things remain the same...

Accordion, 6 string banjo, bedpandolin, stand up bass and three part harmonies are present and accounted for. Included among the 15 tracks are witty, original compositions from band members Richie Lawrence and Ken Cooper, as well as the LAT hillbilly arrangement of The Who’s “Pinball Wizard.” But that’s not all…

This time around, more instruments were added for a fresh and varied musical mix. And a long list of talented friends were enlisted to play those instruments - Bob Armstrong (jug and saw), Joe Craven (fiddle), Rita Hosking (vocal), and Keith Cary (tuba) just to name a few. Some songs even have drums! So if you’re hungry for an Americana gumbo chock full of Folk, Cajun, Country, Jug Band, Ragtime, and Blues, come and get it! Be the first in your neighborhood to pick up a copy of  Sorrow Be Gone. You’ll be glad you did.